Topics the Fatherhood Programme discusses

Find out what it’s like being 16… from the perspective of a 22 year old!

Brendan and his son Seán try out the QUIZ KIDZ exercise, described by one father as ‘life changing’.

Brendan and Barry talk about what it’s like being a Dad in 2018 and how being an involved Dad can have a very positive effect on our children’s happiness and confidence, even their grades in school. Barry says ‘Be present for your children, listen to them and support them.’

General Versus Specific

Stay well, confident and mind your wellbeing. With your mastermind group have ‘specific’ conversations that are positive and uplifting with good friends. Avoid the ‘general’ conversation and don’t dwell on the negative news.

Unique Ability

Your work has changed. It’s like the world has just taken a sudden shrug and placed you ‘out of place’. But did you know that by finding and working with your unique ability, regardless of where you are, you can grow your confidence? Not only that, it helps your well being too and that new future you’re moving toward becomes a little clearer.

Moving Confidently Into Your Future

Minding your confidence has never been more important. When you’re confident you never lose sight of a better future and in so doing inspire those around you. But did you know that looking too much to the past may hinder your progress? Today we discover how being present can unlock your potential for a bigger, better and brighter future.

Hope and Opportunity in Strange Times

Wellbeing – It’s Contagious

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Included in the course are practical exercises, tools and strategies that offer support and guidance to fathers…and mums too, including:

The Fatherhood Clarifier® – a self-scoring questionnaire for the ‘good enough Dad’.

Quiz Kidz® – Powerful questions you can ask your child – described by one father as ‘life changing’.

The Confidence Builder, a tool to help unlock your child’s potential.

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Brendan’s C103 Interview

Brendan talks to C103’s Patricia Messinger about Fatherhood and his programme. Click the link below and skip to minute 48.38 to hear the interview and some of the parenting tips and tools you can use at home.

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