Fed, Funded and Ferried:

A Father’s Guide to Happy Children

Fed, Funded and Ferried is a book about the joys and challenges of fatherhood.  It is peppered with stories from Brendan’s past, as well as quotes from famous historical figures which both outline the importance and joy of being a father.  

ForewordDr. Margaret O’Rourke, Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist, Director of Behavioural Science and Psychological Medicine, School of Medicine, University College Cork.

“This is a hugely important and timely book, in a time where fatherhood typically takes a backseat in public consciousness.  In this wonderfully moving book you will find the essence of what it is to fully parent and develop sensitivity to the unique and transforming role of fathers in families”.

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In the book you will find:

  • The formula that you can use to build confidence in your children
  • The 8 questions that guide you to becoming a better parent
  • How to improve your relationship with your child
  • How to have a positive impact on you and your child’s well being
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